Supported Living Services

We are dedicated to helping people with complex and diverse needs live more independent and enriching lives. We offer a range of step down services to help clients on there journey and then offer them support to live independently in the community. To make a referral or for enquiries, contact us.

Our Mission

We support people with pre-existing conditions and support them to gain independence through our services we provide

Isabella’s Homes (IBH) supported living accommodation is primarily targeted at pre-existing mental health diagnosis, may have a learning disability, autism and challenging behaviour. Behaviours that we are experienced in working with include: Physical challenge and violence Self Harm, Ligature Risks, Self Neglect, Trauma related behaviours, Abuse related behaviours we have experience with adults 18+ and care leavers between the ages 16/17years.

The purpose of supported living accommodation is to give individuals the opportunity to live as independently as possible, with help from staff members when needed. Whenever possible, our clients make their own choices and lead their lives in the way they want to. All of our client have a tenancy agreement, and are given the same rights as anyone else living in their own accommodation.

We believe independence is important. A supported housing scheme allows people to live in a space of their own, where they feel safe in the knowledge that care or support is at hand. The level of assistance each client requires is agreed from the outset so that no two residents will be receiving exactly the same type of support.